Dr. Kate Parkins

Research Fellow | Fire Risk Modelling

Kate is an ecologist currently working as a bushfire risk analyst in the FLARE Wildfire research group.

Her current research interests include fire risk modelling, particularly the integration of environmental assets into risk planning, fire management and forest ecology. Kate is interested in understanding patterns of fire in the landscape, with a particular focus on how different fuel management strategies may help to mitigate future fire risks.

Kate completed her PhD in Fire Ecology at the University of Melbourne in 2018. Her research focused on how fire affects ecological processes in flammable systems, with a focus on fire-induced edge effects and the implications for native fauna. She also has a keen interest in large forest owls, threatened species conservation and species distribution modelling. Kate also has a degree in communications (Acting, TV & Film production) and is passionate about science communication.

Kate regularly supervises and mentors students and is passionate about fostering the next generation of scientists, increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing, as well as promoting an inclusive academic community.

Outside of research Kate enjoys hiking and exploring with Dr Lenny the Wonder-dog, and is an enthusiastic (but messy) baker.