Dr. Nina Hinko-Najera

Research Fellow

Nina is an ecosystem scientist based at Creswick campus. She is fascinated by trees and forests and how they function and interact with their environment. Her primary research interests are in forest carbon dynamics from carbon flux processes at stand level to carbon stock distributions at landscape level, their variability over different time scales and vulnerability under climate change. Nina completed her Magistra in ecophysiology in 2007 at the University of Vienna with a focus on nutrient dynamics in a canopy of a tropical forest. She received her PhD in ecosystem science in 2016 at the University of Melbourne, focussing on forest soil respiration dynamics and its responses to environmental drivers. Nina received the Melbourne Research (Career Interruptions) Fellowship from the University of Melbourne in 2021 and has been recently selected Associate Director of OzFlux. Outside of work, Nina is a busy mum of two and enjoys observing and exploring surrounding nature with them.