Habtamu Getnet Gessesse

PhD Candidate

Habtamu Getnet Gessesse is a PhD candidate studying the “effects of fire intensity and aridity on plant resprouting” in FLARE. He is focussing on the effects of different combinations of fire intensity and dryness level on the resprouting ability of grasses and the interaction of grass traits, different level of dryness and fire intensity on the resprouting capacity of the different grasses. Habtamu completed his Master of Science in Aquatic Ecosystems and Environmental Management at Addis Ababa University in July 2019, examining the effects of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on the water quality, abundance and composition of planktons in the littoral region of Koka reservoir, Ethiopia. Habtamu has a total of 6.7 years of teaching experience (3 years at high school and 3.7 years at university) and in his spare time loves to play and watch football, hiking, gathering with friends and watching movies.