Mohamed Mohamed

PhD Candidate

Mohamed Mohamed is commencing his PhD “Firebrand Ignition of Building Materials” under the supervision of Dr. Alex Filkov and Prof Trent Penman, in FLARE. He will focus on investigating the ignition of building materials by firebrands (glowing embers) and explore the relation between ignition propensity and fundamental material properties. His main interest is to develop empirical models to cover a wide range of firebrands exposure scenarios in order to be incorporated into new numerical tools to reduce the computational effort required for modeling the firebrand-induced ignition. Mohamed completed a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome in January 2022. He examined the effect of various wind conditions on the fire dynamics and fire spread between two Informal Settlement dwellings as a part of IRIS-Fire project conducted by the University of Edinburgh. During that time, Mohamed acquired a broad range of research skills relevant to fire science and engineering. In his spare time, Mohamed has a great interest in studying chess, playing football, gathering with friends, and watching tennis and movies.