Tamika Farley-Lehmer

PhD Candidate

Tamika began working in the fire space as a forest firefighter in 2019, before moving into fire ecology. In her ecologist role, she focussed on implementing science-based burning regimes in the Otways region with the Conservation Ecology Centre. She collaborated on various projects studying the relationships between fire, plants and animals, including animal movement, predator and prey interactions, habitat utilisation, and post-fire plant responses. This experience ignited her passion for applied landscape ecology, particularly in the context of active fire management and ecological responses to fire disturbance. Starting in 2023, she continues to explore this ongoing research as part of her PhD. Her research employs fieldwork and modelling techniques to understand how fire management decisions influence the ecological structure and function of natural systems. Hence, their impact on multiple ecological and fuel management values. All with the aim of enhancing ecosystem resilience in the face of growing fire risks. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tamika can be found chasing birds in the forest, surfing on the coast, or spotlighting wildlife in the canopy.