Project: Ecosystem Interaction | Future Fires

Fire management approaches to mitigate the impacts of bushfires on ecological values

This project explores the ability of fuel management activities to mitigate bushfire impacts on ecological values. It does this through the integration of the landscape simulation modelling software ‘Fire Regimes and Operations Simulations Tool’ (FROST) with measures and modelling of ecosystem resilience through the Fire Analysis Module for Ecological Values (FAME) tool. This powerful modelling framework will enable the combination of fire management actions and the appropriate spatial and temporal scale of delivery required to reduce the size, intensity and frequency of bushfires and achieve positive outcomes for ecosystem values to be identified. Using a range of approaches including systematic literature review, expert and operational elicitation and simulation modelling, this project will result in applied fire management recommendations and guidelines for their application which can be incorporated into strategic and doctrine level reforms.

Project timeline: 07/2023 – 03/2025

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